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Sales - Topeka

Covering Central & Eastern Kansas

Steve Burnett, Sales Representative
Phone: (785) 746-7635
Cell: (785) 224-8909
Fax: (785) 559-5064

Sales - Hutchinson

Covering Central & Western Kansas

Patrick Clark, Sales Representative
Phone: (620) 625-7516
Cell: (620) 727-3748
Fax: (620) 728-3481

Sales - Lansing

Covering Eastern Kansas

Debra Gillespie, Sales Representative
Phone: (913) 727-3235, ext. 57548
Cell: (913) 547-3434
Fax: (913) 727-2331

Order Processing

Kim Quinley, Customer Service
Phone: (913) 727-3235, ext. 57549
Fax: (913) 727-2331

KCI Print Shop

Phone: (620) 625-7405
 Phone Us

You may also contact our Customer Service Department at (913) 727- 3249, extension 57549.

 Our Mission

"Building Bridges for Success"

Kansas Correctional Industries, KCI, as a part of the overall Kansas criminal justice system, contributes to a more efficient use of public funds, by offering inmate produced goods and services to State and local governmental units and to other qualified organizations at a lower cost, while maintaining a high level of quality and service. In addition, KCI provides employment opportunities for Kansas adults in custody, educating and empowering them to become law-abiding, tax-paying citizens through successful work skills training.


Correctional Industries is a unique blend of business and goverment, using private industry tool and techniques to provide a public service. Thousands of inmates gain work experiece and training as they produce high quality, competitively priced products, which translates into enormous benefites for taxpayers, the inmates who work and learn in CI, and for you, our customers.


Correctional Industries has two objectives to enhance the work training programs we currently run statewide. The first is to ensure every qualifiedd CI inmate who wants assistance is "work ready" and employable upon release. The second objective is to link with community partners on job readiness, job placement, and Vocational Education to provide a pathway of continuous employment from prison into the community.


With 97% of all incarcerated inmates returning to local communities, Correctional Industries plays an important role in their trasition.With the seed money from their savings, job skills and experiece gained from CI, the inmates have a greater chance of finding a job - enabling them to work toward a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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