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Kansas Correctional Industries has several shops that are certified by by the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP).

KCI, a subsidiary of the Kansas Department of Corrections, teaches offenders new skills, and allows them to earn wages in preparation for life outside of a correctional facility. One valuable component of KCI is the Private Industry Program. The program involves partnerships between the KDOC/KCI and private business for prison based and non- prison based operations. KCI ensures that new private industry programs do not negatively impact workers employed by interested private companies or available workers in the locality of the host correctional facility.

A new federal certification of KCI shops has expanded its ability to assist Kansas businesses.

Since the establishment of the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) as created by Congress in 1979, Kansas has been involved with the “employer model” by working in partnership with privately operated companies. KCI factories have served State Agencies since 1958, but recently some KCI shops, like the metal shop, have been certified through a Federal Program Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) for “customer based” work allowing KCI to assist Kansas businesses with the manufacturing of products. KCI recently certified not only the metal factory, but the furniture factory, textiles factory and the dental lab have completed the process as well.

KCI is always in need of projects for offenders to work on, and transitioning to customer-based service has opened up new opportunities. These work environments found within correctional facilities pay market wages to offenders who stay free of discipline issues and prove themselves reliable. Often the training they gain within KCI programs translates directly to employment opportunities upon release.

Partnership Opportunities

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