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Some of our Private Industry Partners include:

Heatron, Inc.

Heatron is a global leader in design, integration and production services for thermal management and heat generation systems used in equipment manufactured in a wide variety of industries including: Medical - kidney dialysis equipment, fluid warmers, DNA sequencing; Telecommunications - satellite antennas, UPS and control enclosures; Food Service Equipment - holding cabinets, toasters, grills, holding and warming bags. Other markets served consist of laboratory and analytical equipment, semiconductor machinery, transportation and automotive.


Impact Design

Impact Design is a garment wholesaler and contract decorator combined into one company. From basic tees to premier polos, everything the customer needs is in stock, and they have the embroidery and screen print capacity required to support their customers’ demands. Promotional products distributors can finally purchase their wholesale apparel and contract decoration from the same source. Impact has even developed its own line of tee shirts and other apparel for the retail marketplace that they call "CLiNQ".

Koch & Co., Inc.

Koch & Company was founded by Jim and Dan Koch in 1989 in Seneca, Kansas. Koch & Company today manufactures a broad range of products including bi-fold doors, French doors, fire doors, the Formanek door and kitchen cabinets.


Maico Industries specializes in 3-plate built-up structural steel beams and girders for the construction of shopping malls, factories, manufacturing plants, airport hangars, warehouses, schools, public works, steel mills, hospitals and medical centers. Maico's products are found throughout the United States, Canada and overseas, in areas such as Southeast Asia and South America.


Mill Creek Lumber

On November 1, 2016, Mill Creek began employing Hutchinson Correctional Facility inmates to manufacture trusses. They currently employ 14 inmates.


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If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact Richard O'Donnell at Richard.ODonnell@ks.gov or 913-727- 3235 ext. 57561.

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